A to Z Portfolio of Courses in Adamson House

Long standing Adamson House business, Impact Training Consultancy start the new year with two new services for our immediate neighbours:-

  1. Access to all our courses on a privileged discount basis
  2. A regular newsletter on the latest changes in the world of work – page two

Our Courses - An A to Z Portfolio in Adamson House

Impact can offer you Adamson House courses in:-

  • Personal Development
  • Business and Specialist Topics
  • Management

Our One Stop Adamson House Training Shop includes:-

Assertiveness – and how to say “no”
Bullying at Work – a growing issue
Communication – including how to read body language
Diversity – working well with others from different cultures
Equality Laws – Sex/Race/Disability/Religion/Gender Identity/Age
Formal staff appraisal and development policies-performance planning
Grievance and Disciplinary – how to avoid the elephant traps
Human Resources topics – everything in your staff handbook
Interview skills – and influencing skills- those first 90 seconds!
Job search skills – for those seeking a change in direction
Keeping your data safe-the 8 principles of the Data Protection Act
Laws in employment – from basic to intermediate standard
Mediation and conflict – to accredited standard
Non attendance at work-managing sickness absence
Objective equality impact assessments-for both staff and services
Public Speaking and Presentations- fail to plan-plan to fail!
Quality Service – for customers
Report Writing- say what you mean, mean what you say
Supervisory and Management – to ILM standard
Time Management- effectiveness v efficiency
Understanding others – the empathy model
Volunteering – the transferable skills for the world of work
Working well with others – team building
Xcellent service in customer care – with the latest developments
Z – Anything else you need, we can find and tailor!

A Record of Briefing – A Promise of More!

Keeping up to date with an ever changing world of new skills, new laws and the latest thinking in training is a real challenge. Failure to do so can mean:-

  • Low staff morale and high turnover
  • Legal problems – leading to disputes and courts
  • Falling behind your modern competitors
  • Failing your customers
As a virtual local training provider, Impact provides an on going service with a monthly newsletter on the latest issues. And Maureen Di Felice (pictured) is always around these corridors and on the steps outside Adamson House taking a cigarette break! Just ask her for advice on any of our courses. Our December and January newsletters included:-

  • Why All UK Age Discrimination Claims are Frozen
  • New Laws for Employers in 2008
  • Around the Courts:-
    • Asian Man got job interview “after inventing a Welsh name”
    • Grass cutting caused vibration injury
    • Workplace visit leads to costly slip up
  • Campaign for new Community Day Bank Holiday
  • £10 million grants programme for equality schemes - do you qualify?
  • Straight" bouncer wins discrimination claim against gay nightclub
  • Free technique that will enable you to say "NO" and more!

Later this month we will feature:-

  • New rights for carers at work
  • Can employers have policies on dress codes and uniforms? - the latest court cases