In-House Training

We can design and deliver a vast range of tailor-made bespoke Diversity training programmes specifically to match your requirements. We will consult with you using our standard approach to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Our style is lively and participatory and delivered using:

  • Pre-course material
  • Workshop workbook
  • Talk and chalk
  • One-to-one discussions
  • Media observatory
  • Group work
  • Plenary debates and discussions
  • Problem solving and sharing
  • Role Play - if delegates are comfortable
  • Scenarios

All our courses are prefaced with a brief session on drafting an "equality contract" or "ground rules", which not only govern the proceedings but have tangible transferable links to effective working practice. Additionally, we use a "parking bay" mechanism at the start of the course to capture organisational issues raised by delegates that may have the potential to hijack the proceedings. We use the data on the parking bay to alert you to remedial action you may wish to address in-house. We provide an after care service with a full report on all these matters.

Click here for our current portfolio of in-house courses. Click here for more details on our follow up support and course evaluation.